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Silk Floral Designs for Tabletop, Door Decor, Weddings and More!

The Flower Fool: 

Heidi R. Foran

Meet The Flower Fool

Hi​! I'm a former ballet dancer, massage therapist, and teacher, who came to Florida in 2014 to ​pursue a career in film and television.  After countless hours of driving back and forth to auditions and acting workshops, I changed lanes into comedy, and continued working on my book.  People have been telling me for years I have talent for arranging and staging, so it only makes sense to pull all areas of my training together and become my own boss!

The One That Started it All

After a lifetime of dabbling in crafty pursuits, a myriad of professional careers, and a desire to do something that makes my heart happy....this is the wreath that started it all!