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Silk Floral Designs for Tabletop, Door Decor, Weddings and More!

All of these are available at the moment, but changing every day! please see the dates of upcoming shows to see in person or call for delivery! (904) 316-3888

Wine-Colored Succulents and Ranunculus Wreath $98

Pastel Succulents with Pearl Strings $105

Each piece of these wreaths has been carefully selected for color and shape, set with industrial strength glue and wired to the base for durability.

Semi_circle Succulent Wreath  $80

Pastel Welcome Succulent Wreath  $105

Each one of the multi-colored hydrangea wreaths have been made with a variety of hydrangea blossoms, snipped into pieces, and then hand placed to create this effect.  Each are set with industrial strength glue and wrapped with wire for durability.  $60 each

Every piece I make is fully guaranteed! If anything comes loose or falls off, just let me know.  I'll repair it at no charge!

Lavender, yellow, and giant pink roses are surrounded by purple hydrangeas and finished by bundles of pastel berry accents. $60  (Sold)

Farmhouse styled wreath is filled with all things turquoise, teal and pink.  Kissed with a sweet country printed bow, and a hand painted "hi" to welcome your guests!  $65

Modern Ring Wreath is laden with hues of purple hydrangea and wired into place! $60


The sweet Cream roses with lavender-kissed tips are intertwined with lavender roses and rosebuds and accented with a loosely braided green floral rope (right side).  Given a modern bow for fun! $70

Giant Farmhouse Wreath (middle) has roses and hydrangeas, tucked into bed of greenery and finished with trimmed with 3-ribbon bow.  $115

Above right: Ooodles of pink and white roses tucked gently into bundles of lambs ear variegated leaves.  $98

Yes! You've seen this before!  This is the creation that inspired the logo for The Flower Fool.  Made with 9 enormous lavender roses, that can't  be purchased anymore.  Velvety-soft Dusty Miller leaves line the outside edge.  Finally, it's finished with a black and white checked bow, for a distinctively French country look.  $80

This Extra Large Classic Beauty is full of richly colored roses, hydrangeas, and leafy greens.  All have been set with E6000 and then wired in place.  Metallic Burlap Bow is made for outdoor wear and tear.  $125

Fall Extravaganza! This showstopper is almost 3 feet tall! The vase is dazzling rose gold and filled with the boldest colors of Fall! $165

Bring on the Sunshine!

Feels-So-Real Poppies and Lavender Roses are paired with lemons and limes, groups of sunflowers and lush greens. Giant Poppy (Pow!) completes the look!  Because these flowers are made of foam this is not recommended for outdoor hanging.  Perfect for any room indoors!

Fun and sunny! Groupings of sunflowers, surrounded by geraniums, and accented with raspberries and little white flowers.  Three ribbon bow gives your guests a warm, country-farmhouse welcome. $60

Flamingo and Friends : Tin base of flamingos were naked (🤭) until lifelike floral anemones and rosebuds were added. Greenery and flowers are glued on and wired into place.

Can be hung using wire, ribbon, or twine from 3 spots. Your choice!

Note: Because the lifelike flowers are made of foam and glued into place, outdoor hanging is NOT recommended.

Intended for indoor fun! 🦩  $75

Above: Seashells by the Seashore has nothing on this simple beauty! Real starfish have been spray painted sea blue, then lightly dusted with metallic silver paint for a little glam! They have been stacked and set in place with industrial strength glue for durability on an artificial laurel leaf wreath base.  $45 (sold)

XL Rustic Flag $95                                                    Home of the Free      $80       

White Roses and Plaque with Two_ribbon Bow  $60